Friday, 30 August 2013

TOPSHOP Autumn Trend Update: Margot's World, This is England, Dark Craft

Yes, unfortunately it's this time again. Summer is almost over and with Autumn and Winter on the way all the shops are prepared. Topshop have launched their four new trends to help lead us into the chilly months ahead.

1. Margot's World - (My favourite) This trend is full of pastel coloured pieces with dainty, cute fabrics and prints. A preppy style with added vintage styling. Expect to see midi skirts, fluffy knitwear and lace detailing.
2. This is England - This is England is inspired by England's gritty 1980s, using boyish silhouettes, traditional checks and statement coats. Be expected to see washed out denim, faux fur collars and chunky bowling bags!
3. Dark Craft - In this trend be prepared to see the dark, moody side fashion. Texture is important so we will be seeing fabrics such as lace, velvet and jacquards mix.

I can't wait to see how Topshop continues to develop the three trends throughout the season! Is anyone else excited for A/W?


Frends Headphones

Layla Headphones (£130) 

How gorgeous are these headphones by Frends!? After spending hours trawling the internet trying to find some stylish, feminine headphones (this was difficult as there are so many bulky, chunky, horrible ones out there!!) these are definitely my favourite find. The gold detailing matched with the white leather is a perfect combo and so beautiful. 

The Frends headphones come in two styles; the Layla and the Taylor. The Layla being the smaller version of the Taylor.

 Taylor Headphones (£170)

I would love to invest in some rose gold Taylor headphones. They would be perfect for my travels! 
Better start saving now!